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Family Dec60 incl Topper-Pinky

Remembering Dad

The Lady I rescued’s dad passed away in 1992 at the young age of 66. If he was still alive, today would be his 90th birthday. The Lady is his first daughter, born 10 days before his 30th birthday. She thinks that’s why she always takes a moment to remember his milestone years, something they […]

HALTI OptiFIT Small Mock Up

Taffy Tries the HALTI OPTIFIT Head Collar

The Lady I rescued and I were offered the opportunity to test and review the HALTI OPTIFIT head collar by The Company of Animals. But the Lady didn’t want to try it out on me, she wanted to use it for Taffy, to stop her pulling, weaving, and bobbing while walking on a leash. But, she wanted […]

Human Animal Bond

Urban Dog Fitness

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